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  • 481. (with A. Bouach and T. Haddad) Optimal control of nonconvex integro-differential sweeping processes, submitted (2021); arXiv:2103.15243

  • 480. (with T. H. Cao,  D. Nguyen and T. Nguyen)  Applications  of controlled sweeping processes to nonlinear crowd motion models with obstacles, submitted (2021);   arXiv:2104.03444

  • 479.  (with T. H. Cao, N. T. Khalil, D. Nguyen  and F. L. Pereira) Crowd model paradigm modeled by bilevel optimal control, submitted (2021)

Memberships & Editorial


  • Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (Fellow, named in 2011)
  • American Mathematical Society (Fellow of the Inaugural Class, named in 2012)
  • SIAM Special Group on Control and Systems Theory
  • International Federation of Nonlinear Analysts
  • Second-Order Variational Analysis and Its Applications, September 1, 2015-September 30, 2021, National Science Foundation, Grant No. DMS-1512846; Principal Investigator.

  • Variational Analysis in Optimization and Control: Theoretical and Computational Aspects with Practical Applications, May 1, 2016–April 30, 2021, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Grant No. 15RT0462; Principal Investigator.

Honors & Awards
  • Distinguished Lecture Award from the Universities of Hong Kong and  the HK Chapter of SIAM, March 2021

  • Featured Review on the book “Variational Analysis and Applications,” SIAM Review 62 (2020)

  • Dedication of the special issue of Optimization on  Nonsmooth and Variational Analysis 69 (2020), Nos. 7-8,

  • Distinguished Lecture at the Universities of Hong Kong and  the HK Chapter of SIAM, March 2021

  • International Conference on Nonlinear Operators, Differential Equations and Applications, Cluj, Romania, September 2021



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About Boris

Born in Moscow, Russia; married with two children, Citizen of the United States

Distinguished University Professor

Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics: Belarus State Univ. (Minsk, Belarus)

Honorary Degrees
Doctor Honoris Causa (mult.):
National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan
Alicante University, Spain
University of Messina
Babes-Bolyai University, Romania
Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam
Vasile Goldis University, Romania