Office Hours:  MW 3:00-4:00
Classes:           MW 4:00-5:20
Seminar:         W 1:00-2:00

MAT 7270-Fall 2021, Variational Calculus and Applications
MAT 5860-Winter 2021, Methods of Optimization
MAT 8000-Fall 2020, Variational Principles and Generalized Differentiation
MAT 5890-Fall 2020, Convex Analysis and Optimization
MAT 8000-Winter 2020, Monotonicity and Stability in Variational Analysys
MAT 7270-Fall 2019, Foundations of Variational Analysis
MAT 5860-Winter 2019, Methods of Optimization
MAT 7270-Fall 2018, Variational Analysis in Set-Valued Optimization and Economics
MAT 8000-Winter 2018, Quantitative Stability of Variational Systems
MAT 7270-Fall 2017, Second-Order Analysis in Optimization
MAT 8000-Fall 2016, Methods of Variational Analysis in Optimal Control
MAT 7270-Winter 2016, Problems of Nonsmooth Optimization
MAT 8000-Fall 2015, Subdifferential Calculus
MAT 5890-Fall 2015, Convex Optimization and Applications
MAT 7270-Winter 2015, Advanced Optimization
MAT 5860-Winter 2015, Methods of Optimization
MAT 8000-Fall 2014, Topics in Applied Analysis
MAT 5890-Fall 2014, Convex Analysis and Applications
MAT 8000-Winter 2014, Second-Order Variational Analysis
MAT 7270-Fall 2013, Lipschitzian Stability in Optimization
MAT 8000-Fall 2012, Generalized Differential Calculus in Variational Analysis
MAT 5210-Fall 2012, Advanced Calculus
MAT 8000-Winter 2012, Finite-Difference Approximations in Optimal Control
MAT 7270-Fall 2011, Basic Principles of Variational Analysis
MAT 7600-Fall 2011, Real Analysis
MAT 8000-Winter 2011, Variational Analysis in Economic Modeling
MAT 8000-Fall 2010, Multiobjective Optimization
MAT 7270-Winter 2010, Advanced Methods in Optimization and Control
MAT 8000-Fall 2009, Variational Analysis in Optimization and Optimal Control
MAT 7270-Winter 2008, Variational Methods in Robust Stability
MAT 8000-Fall 2007, Selected Topics of Variational Analysis
MAT 8000-Winter 2007, Variational Methods in Advanced Calculus
MAT 8000-Fall 2006, Variational Principles and Their Applications
MAT 7270-Winter 2006, Generalized Differentiation in Optimal Control
MAT 5780-Winter 2006, Introduction to Optimization
MAT 8000-Fall 2005, Variational Analysis in Optimal Control
MAT 7270-Winter 2005, Variational Analysis in Optimization
MAT 8000-Fall 2004, Generalized Differentiation in Variational Analysis
MAT 8000-Winter 2004, Variational Principles and Applications
MAT 5070-Winter 2004, Advanced Calculus
MAT 7270-Fall 2003, Stability in Optimization
MAT 7270-Winter 2003, Variational Methods in Analysis and Optimization
MAT 2350-Winter 2003, Differential Equations
MAT 8000-Fall 2002, Advanced Methods in Optimization
MAT 5870-Fall 2002, Introduction to Optimization
MAT 7270-Fall 2001, Variational Analysis in Banach Spaces
MAT 8000-Winter 2001, Set-Valued Analysis and Optimal Control
MAT 7270-Fall 2000, Nonsmooth Optimization and Optimal Control
MAT 8000-Winter 2000, Generalized Derivatives and Applications